J2O - YCN Awards


The main aim for the brief was to make J2O’s drinks appeal more to adults, as the the drink is currently associated with a younger generation. There were some requirements to the brief which caused it to be very restrictive, these were to keep the bottle shape, the logo and the green colour as significant parts to the design.


My idea was to frost the current bottle so that it appealed more as a luxury, to appeal to an older audience. To incorporate the element of 2, which is important for J2O to display, the bottle could be frosted on the top and clear on the bottom to make the single colour liquid distinguish into two. I also included the number in their logo as a feature of the label, it’s an interesting shape and displays their focus of two. I feel that a small use of the green will add to the minimalism of the design.


My design has been commended by YCN and will be in the 2015/16 Annual. Success!